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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital of the Republic of Argentina and the country's largest city. It is a modern and dynamic city where it is still evident the European architectural influx of its founders and many streets are said to recall those of Paris.

Considered "The Pearl" of South America, Buenos Aires has an intense cultural life symbolized by tango, long coffee klatches and football, parts of the everyday life. But culture in Buenos Aires is morevore ymbolized by its museums, expositions, conference centres, art galleries, cinemas and theatres that are witnesses of its important and continuous cultural development.

Buenos Aires has always been an open-door city. Its inhabitants are called porteños and they are well known for their warmness and hospitability: invitations for lunch or dinner at their homes offering typical food are usual experience for tourists. Among all the food they offer, there’s a characteristic infusion: the mate. It is prepared by pouring warm water into a gourd, also called mate, that contains yerba mate.

Discos, restaurants, cafeterias and many other attractions for all tastes are spread all around the city and extends up to the ealy hours offering the tourist a large number of options.