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Santander extends over a wide bay with views of the Cantabrian Sea. Its historic quarter includes a group of majestic buildings which are situated against an incredible natural backdrop of sea and mountains.

Its main touristic attraction is linked to the famous El Sardinero beach, the promenade and the La Magdalena peninsula. But in Santander every tourist finds his own holiday: seaside, sport activities, walking, arts... The Paseo de Pereda, with its typical houses with many interesting view points, and its gardens constitutes a lively boulevard which separates the coastal strip from the historic quarter of Santander. The nearby Cathedral is one of the oldest buildings in Santander, because its earliest construction dates back to 13th century. Under the main chapel is the crypt of El Cristo, a sombre vaulted chamber where interesting is to observe various traces of the Roman which are still conserved in there.

Besides the pure tourist life, Santander presents its cultural site enriched with the passage of the Pilgrim's Road to Santiago de Compostela and the neighbouring Altamira Caves, both of which have been declared World Heritage.

Moreover, nature lovers will find in Cantabria an impressive number of protected areas. Among the best conserved areas there are the Natural Parks of Oyambre, Peña Cabarga and Saja-Besaya, although the largest is the Picos de Europa National Park, which shares its territory with Asturias and Castilla y León. Near the capital, however you can enjoy the Cabárceno Nature Park, an mostly wild area of great natural beauty with many species of animals.