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On the edge of the Orient, Tokyo is one of the world's most perplexing cities. On the one hand all its shining neon and messy overhead cables, its incessant noise, traffic and twelve million people squashed into minute apartments, could give the idea of the tipical urban nightmare. But behind all this lies a very different way of life made of backstreets where wooden houses and bonsai trees are the only thing you see. High-tech department stores and ancient temples and shrines coexist in a surreal harmonic way.

The only time Tokyo is best avoided is during summer, when the city's humidity make it impossible to survive without air condition. October and November, by contrast, are great months to enjoy Tokyo's parks and gardens.

The capital city of Japan, should be considered a tourist destination as well as cities like Paris, London and New York. There is much to see and to discover, for examples the Tsukiji Fish Market, which is daily visited by many tourists; the Roppongi Hills, full of hotels, restaurants, shops, museums and movie theaters and represent the new cultural heart of the city; the East Gardens located outside of the Imperial Palace; Ginza, the large neighborhood home to many stores and restaurants well apreciated especially by the youth of Tokyo.